Apple may get rid of that notch design for its iPhones 2019

While many Android smartphones are said to be coming with that notch on the head of their displays, while Apple decided to get rid of ‘notch’ design finally. Well, Apple might be doing this to address those users who simply hate this design and didn’t buy its iPhone X for the same reason.

A Korean publication cites industries and claims that Apple is planning to get rid of that notch for its next iPhone. For this, the company is to improve the obstacles such as 3D sensor and camera module so as to attain that full-screen. Many Android manufacturers are said to be imitating iPhone X design for their next flagships and at the same time, Apple is expected to take a different route so as to differentiate its products, even if it was the originator.

According to industries, this expected notch-less design will be based on OLED and this isn’t revealed how the company will achieve this project. Some display industries think that Apple will either drill holes into OLED panels or use BM (Black Matrix) area within displays.

Some of the notable companies that are planning to employ that notch on the displays of their coming flagships are LG and Huawei.

Some of the other speculations that are circulating tell that Apple is planning to release two OLED models of iPhones and one LCD model in 2019. Out of them, one will bear the 6.5-inch and all of them will feature Face ID but it’s unknown how this is going to be achieved.


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